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The ULTIMATE collection of sounds for the working keyboardist. 


Lights at Concert
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Comprehensive Repertoire

The package includes 128 gig-ready, song-specific combinations and 4 program banks featuring essential sounds to perform popular cover songs in a live band setting.

Intuitive Keyboard Setups

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Each combi is set up for a seamless and intuitive live performance.

Authentic-Sounding Synth Patches

The sounds have been meticulously developed to sound like the original recordings and yet remain playable in a live band situation even with a single keyboard player with one Kronos 61 on stage.

Rock Band

Used By Gigging Musicians Worldwide

Our satisfied customers have sent us some of their live performances using sounds from the sound pack.

Adam Shapiro -USA

Luis Lourenço-Portugal

Greame McCausland- Canada

Matteo Piastrelloni-Italy

Kronos Ultimate Covers with Logo 2.png


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Play loud and proud on stage with an essential collection of sounds distilled from the Ultimate Covers pack to play keyboards for songs by legendary rock icons such as Van Halen, Queen, U2, and many more.


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A collection of 16 Korg Kronos Combis to play memorable soundtracks and themes from the cinema and television.




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A collection of 16 Korg Kronos Combis to play contemporary Christian music in a worship setting.




Rock Band
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A single Combi to play the sounds to Dua Lipa's dance hit!

Levitating in action from keyboardist Manuel de la Torre from Nebraska, USA. 


The choir loop can synchronize with variable tempo with a live-drummer using the tap tempo feature of the Kronos when using a footswitch.