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A single Combi to play Levitating by Dua Lipa.  This includes 6 custom HD-1 and 2 EXi programs that will load in banks U-GG and U-G. 


Sound Map

Choir Loop on the low C1,  C1# stops the loop.

D1# Claps

E1 Yeyeyeyeyeah 


SW1 Switches High Strings


F1 to F#5 Strings and Lead synth


G5 Piano and Synth Brass Layer



Volume pedal to bring the looped choir in and out while SW1 adds a high octave strings sound. Portamento is activated for the lead synth sound. The ribbon applies a pitch shifter effect to the choir loop.


Levitating Demo

Loading Instructional Video


The sequenced drum and bass track in the demo is not included.


The product is not compatible with the Korg Nautilus and no refunds will be issued for purchases made in error for an incompatible product, as stated in our refund policy.


*Prices quoted on this website are in US Dollars


*Please note that this digital product is non-refundable and all sales are considered final once the download process has been completed.


*Kindly review the product description and system requirements carefully before making your purchase, as refunds cannot be provided for this digital product.

Kronos Levitating

Sales Tax Included
  • Narfsounds Kronos Levitating.PCG

    Levitating Folder containing Sample Folder and KSC and User Bank.KSC files

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