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Francis "Narf" Capistrano

Director & Sound Developer 

Narf Sounds

Hello and welcome to,  where we offer high-quality sound patches and presets for a host of flagship keyboard synth workstations. My name is Francis "Narf" Capistrano and I have been a musician for over 30 years, gigging as a keyboardist and working as a sound developer.

As a keyboard specialist for some of Australia's leading music retailers, I have gained extensive knowledge of a wide range of electronic instruments and have experience in providing technical support and hosting product workshops. In 2017, I decided to share the sounds I had developed for the Korg Kronos with others through Since then, I have expanded my product line to include sounds for the Yamaha Montage, Roland Fantom, and Nord Stage 3.

In addition to my work with Narf Sounds, I am also the founder and moderator of several online communities for synth and keyboard enthusiasts, including the Kronos Enthusiast Workshops, Yamaha Montage/MODX Group, Roland Fantom 2019 Users, and the Korg Nautilus Group.


If you're a professional musician or just starting out, I hope you'll find something of value on my website. Feel free to browse my selection of top-quality cover sound patches and presets and start performing the music you've always dreamed of today.

Harry Profile.jpg

Harry Pancho 

Sound Developer

Narf Sounds

Meet Harry, a true perfectionist when it comes to his craft as a musician and sound developer. With a decade of experience playing in bands and designing sounds for various Yamaha and Roland synths, Harry is well-equipped to create high-quality patches and presets for electronic keyboards and synthesizers.

As co-developer for the Roland Fantom Famous Covers Set 1 and the Yamaha Montage & MODX Movie & TV Themes sound library, Harry has proven his expertise in creating professional-grade sounds for these popular instruments. He is also the sole programmer of the Fantom Famous Covers Set 2, further showcasing his dedication to his craft.

If you're looking for top-notch sound patches and presets that will take your music to the next level, look no further than Harry's work at Narf Sounds. You won't be disappointed.

"Thank you so much in putting a the labor of love that you have in the sound pack...Looking forward to further developments that you create..."

-Mike Britton

Kronos Owner

New York, USA

"The soundpack is terrific - it has helped make my contribution to the band more significant" 

-Tim Justice

Kronos Owner

Pennsylvania, USA

"I just wanted to say that this 'kronos guru' is a wealth of knowledge and an absolute asset to your business. In ten short minutes he was able to successfully do what took me five hours to unsuccessfully complete".

-David Van Pelt

Korg Artist

Melbourne, Australia



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