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Hi I'm Narf, and I've been a gigging keyboardist for over 20 years playing in various cover bands and often called to play as a fill-in session keys player for other groups.


Whenever I'm called to fill-in for other bands,  I'm usually given a repertoire of a few dozen songs at a time that I'd have to learn and perform in a  short period of time.  


This meant that I'd have to spend a good chunk of my free time programming my keyboards and learning the songs before the gig. 


When performing cover songs, I believe that not only do you have to learn the parts but also play AUTHENTIC SOUNDS to be able to deliver an OUTSTANDING performance.  


Unfortunately, I'd usually take so much time programming my keyboards that although the gigs generally paid quite well, dividing that over the amount of work and hours spent to prepare made it seem like I was playing for PEANUTS!!?  In my case...I was playing for my sheer love of music and performing.  Like most musicians, I would rather just go on stage and play!


Over the past few years, I have been building a repertoire of songs that a lot of the bands I've played with perform in their shows.  


Fortunately, with my Korg Kronos and Yamaha Montage, I have been able to store the  sounds that I have made for my gigs.  I have refined and programmed them to sound FAITHFUL TO THE ORIGINALS and make performing EASY and INTUITIVE on stage.


This is how the Session Gig Collection and Favorite Covers Sets came to be!  


As I got more gigs to fill, I needed less time to prepare for them as I had a gig-ready set of sounds enabling me to focus on making music. 


For the past few years I have built upon my sound sets and have made them available to fellow Korg Kronos, Yamaha Montage and MODX owners worldwide.

Kronos Enthusiast Workshops Facebook Page

I host an online community, the Kronos Enthusiasts Workshops on Facebook which was originally created to supplement the Kronos Workshops I held once a month for new Kronos owners.  From a handful of members over 7 years ago, the group has now grown to over 3,000 members worldwide. Join us if you own a Kronos.  

"Thank you so much in putting a the labor of love that you have in the sound pack...Looking forward to further developments that you create..."

-Mike Britton

Kronos Owner

New York, USA

"The soundpack is terrific - it has helped make my contribution to the band more significant" 

-Tim Justice

Kronos Owner

Pennsylvania, USA

"I just wanted to say that this 'kronos guru' is a wealth of knowledge and an absolute asset to your business. In ten short minutes he was able to successfully do what took me five hours to unsuccessfully complete".

-David Van Pelt

Korg Artist

Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, Australia|narf@narfsounds.com|narfsounds

© 2020 Narf Sounds

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