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Korg Kronos: Easily Create Programs Using Your Custom Samples

Back in the days of the Korg Triton, one could sample sounds and load those sounds in the keyboard. Yay! Revolutionary! The only drawback was that with the limited amount of RAM, it was only possible to have a few sampled instruments loaded in your Triton at a time plus those samples had to be loaded in a specific order every time you power up.

With the introduction of HD Sample streaming in the Korg Kronos, not only is it possible to load and stream gigabytes worth of sample libraries, you could now set it all up just once in the KSC Autoload page and never have to manually load and allocate samples to match programs again.

Here's the quick and easy way to create programs using samples that you load as audio files or your own recordings through the Kronos itself:

1. In Sampling Mode, load Audio files or record samples from an audio source. 2. Assign samples to keys and name your MS(Multisample). 3. In Disk Mode select Save Sampling Data and select Sampling Mode only. This creates 3 items: a folder containing samples (.ksf), a KSC file and a UserBank.KSC. Make sure that all three are always together in your HD. 4. Go to Global Mode, KSC Autoload tab and add your newly created UserBank.KSC then press Autoload Now. 5. In Program mode, create a program based on your new samples by selecting your newly selected MS in the OSC section.

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