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Kronos Tutorial: Integrate Combis and Linked Data to your Internal Sounds

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Combis are linked to program locations in Program Mode. Sometimes, importing sounds from a PCG file will conflict with existing data that may already occupy destination slots of the PCG file so the alternative is to load sounds in available Combi and Program locations. If you’re importing a Combi from a file, you need to ensure that either the programs are loaded in their prescribed locations or the Combi is edited to point to the correct programs loaded elsewhere.

The PCG tools PC App has been the most efficient way to move Combis and programs from one PCG file to another whilst ensuring that references are preserved. However it is a PC only app and is no longer supported by its developer. If you haven’t got a PC or PCG tools, you can move Combis manually by noting down the required programs and ensuring that the Combi points to the original programs when moved.

Here’s how I’ve been doing it without a PC. You can use your phone camera, a pen and paper or a spreadsheet to note down the necessary data.

Kronos Tutorial: How To Load Selected Combis from a PCG File along with its Linked Data

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