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Backing tracks to play the Top Gun Anthem (no keys, no guitar) using the Combi included in the Kronos Movie & TV Themes Pack and the Top Gun Anthem Performance included in the Yamaha Montage MODX Favorite Covers Set 10


Top Gun Anthem Kronos DEMO HERE

Top Gun Anthem Montage DEMO HERE



When playing along for the instrumental/guitar solo part, Select KARMA Scene 2 and press SW1 (under the joystick) for piano only.  Scene 3 in the demo was set up just for the demo video.



Scene 1 Tubular Bells for the left hand, right-hand plays chords.  Superknob adds octave pads, orchestral strings and octave orchestral strings as the knob is rotated clockwise.


Scene 2 Piano EP Layer, Assign 1 adds lower octave pianos to the left-hand part.



Includes a WAV file and MP3


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Top Gun Anthem Play-along Backing Tracks

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