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Are you ready to take your Nautilus keyboard to the next level? Look no further than the Ultimate Covers 121 Sound Pack, the latest and most comprehensive sound pack from Narfsounds. With a staggering collection of 121 gig-ready sounds and setups, this sound pack is designed to elevate your musical performance to new heights.


What's New in Ultimate Covers 121:

  • 20 New Combis: We've expanded upon the success of our Ultimate Covers 101 pack by adding 20 brand-new Combinations. These Combis are carefully crafted to give you even more creative options for your music.

  • Oberheim OBX8 and Prophet-5 Samples: Dive into the rich sonic landscapes of the iconic Oberheim OBX8 and the legendary Prophet-5 synthesizers. We've meticulously sampled these classics to bring their warm and vintage tones to your Nautilus.


A Treasure Trove of Sound: Click HERE for full Setlist

Ultimate Covers 121 doesn't just stop at its name. This sound pack is a treasure trove of sounds curated from various Narfsounds collections. A $294 value (35% Savings) when ordered separately, includes:

  • Session Gig Covers: Immerse yourself in a diverse array of gig-ready sounds perfect for live performances. $88 value.

  • Session Pop Covers: Elevate your pop music game with a wide selection of contemporary and classic pop sounds.  $35 value.

  • Kronos 80s and Beyond: Take a nostalgic trip back to the '80s with a predominant collection of sounds from that era, along with a handful of gems from the 2000s to 2022, making it a sonic voyage through time. $105

  • Movie and TV Themes: Select sounds from our Kronos Movie and TV themes pack to bring cinematic flair to your performance. $36 value

  • Levitating & Blinding Lights: Contemporary hits sure to get the dancefloor going! $15 as single packs.


With Ultimate Covers 121, you're not just getting a sound pack; you're getting a complete musical toolkit that covers a wide spectrum of genres and styles. Whether you're a live performer, studio producer, or just a passionate musician, this sound pack has something special for everyone.


Upgrade Your Music:

Upgrade your Korg Nautilus keyboard's sonic capabilities with the Ultimate Covers 121 Sound Pack from Narfsounds. Elevate your performances, craft studio-quality compositions, and explore endless creative possibilities. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your musical journey.

Experience the ultimate in sound versatility – get the Ultimate Covers 121 Sound Pack today, and let your music soar to new heights!




*This pack is NOT Compatible with the Korg Kronos.


*The backing tracks featured in the demo videos are intended for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the sound pack. They are provided as an example of how the sounds can be used in a musical context, but are not part of the product



*Prices quoted on this website are in US Dollars


*Please note that this digital product is non-refundable and all sales are considered final once the download process has been completed.


*Kindly review the product description and system requirements carefully before making your purchase, as refunds cannot be provided for this digital product.

Nautilus Ultimate Covers 121

Sales Tax Included
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  • Download Size: 399MB

    This pack requires your Nautilus to be running OS 1.3.3 or higher 

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