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A single Combi to play Levitating by Dua Lipa.  This includes 5 custom HD-1 and 2 EXi programs that will load in banks U-GG and U-G. 


Sound Map

Choir Loop on the low C1,  C1# stops the loop.

D1# Claps

E1 Yeyeyeyeyeah 


SW1 Switches High Strings


F1 to F#5 Strings and Lead synth


G5 Piano and Synth Brass Layer



Volume pedal to bring the looped choir in and out while SW1 adds a high octave strings sound. Portamento is activated for the lead synth sound. The ribbon applies a pitch shifter effect to the choir loop.


Levitating Nautilus Demo


The sequenced drum and bass track in the demo is not included.



*Prices quoted on this website are in US Dollars


*Please note that this digital product is non-refundable and all sales are considered final once the download process has been completed.


*Kindly review the product description and system requirements carefully before making your purchase, as refunds cannot be provided for this digital product.

Nautilus Levitating

Sales Tax Included
  • Narfsounds Nautilus Levitating.PCG

    Levitating Folder containing Sample Folder and KSC and User Bank.KSC files

    PDF Loading Instructions

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