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Excellent value with a massive 35% savings from buying individual sets.


The ULTIMATE synth and keyboard cover sound library for the Yamaha Montage, MODX and MODX+ with a combined total of 541 single and multi-part performances.  All 11 Gig-Ready live sets in one package loading in a single Montage or MODX Library memory slot with 176 song-specific performances.  Aside from the main song-specific performances, the single-part performances are accessible to create your own custom sounds or rearrange existing keyboard setups to suit your individual playing style.


This collection includes the most requested and sought-after sounds for performing musicians to prepare for most live performances be it in a cover band or tribute act.   The Favorite Covers Sets are used by thousands of keyboardists worldwide who have saved hours from having to program the sounds themselves in preparation for their shows and have allowed them to focus on learning, performing, and enjoying their music.


These have been programmed to emulate the sounds as faithful to the original as possible for an authentic performance while at the same time making it effortless and intuitive for a keyboardist to perform the songs live on stage.


The sounds have been meticulously and expertly programmed to make use of the many unique and complex functions of the Montage and MODX. The extensive use of various keyboard controls and scenes for layered and split keyboard zones optimize a single keyboard stage setup be it  61, 76, or 88 keys.


Drawing inspiration from surveys, messages, and actual set lists provided by musicians, the titles included in this set are a reflection of the most sought-after cover songs across various genres. Some of these suggestions date back a few years, and their realization has become a reality through the development of custom sounds that were meticulously programmed and sampled from legendary synthesizers like the OBX8 and Prophet-5. The result is an unparalleled 80s-inspired performance experience that truly captures the essence of the original recordings.


Once loaded the sounds can be accessed in the Library Live Set and the Category Search sections of the Montage and MODX.


View photos to see the Live Set Pages below. Click Favorite Covers SONGLIST to see the full list of songs and performance notes with controller and key assignments.




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