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Fantom EX 80s Covers Soundpack


Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate 80s Experience

Introducing the Fantom EX 80s Covers Soundpack – your passport to the heart of the 80s sound, meticulously crafted for live band performances on the cutting-edge Fantom EX platform. Dive into an era of unforgettable music with 16 iconic sounds and setups, designed to elevate your live performances with the authentic essence of the 80s.


A Sonic Time Machine

This exclusive sound pack harnesses the power of the Fantom EX's advanced capabilities, featuring detailed recreations of classic sounds using the Jupiter ACB, JD-800, Juno-106, and n/zyme model expansions. Experience the lush, sweeping pads of the Jupiter, the digital edge of the JD-800, the unmistakable warmth of the Juno-106, and the innovative textures of n/zyme.


Legendary Sounds at Your Fingertips

  • 1984 (Van Halen): Jump back in time with the iconic synth intro of 1984, complete with samples from the Oberheim OBX8, capturing the quintessential sound of this monumental track.
  • Jump (Van Halen): Elevate your performance with the anthemic brightness and energy of one of the 80s' most iconic songs.
  • Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes): Recreate the smoky, synth-driven atmosphere of this classic track with unparalleled authenticity.
  • Died In Your Arms (Cutting Crew): Deliver the heart-wrenching power and emotion of this hit with layers of lush synths.
  • Don’t Change (INXS): Channel the raw energy and dynamic range of INXS with sounds that cut through the mix.
  • Dreams (Van Halen): Soar with the sweeping pads and lead sounds that defined this massive hit.
  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears for Fears): Command the stage with the intricate layers and textures of this timeless anthem.
  • Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran): Unleash the primal energy and catchy hooks of this new wave classic.
  • I Want To Break Free (Queen): Break out with the signature sounds that powered this freedom anthem.
  • I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner): Captivate audiences with the profound emotion and expansive soundscapes of this ballad.
  • Kyrie (Mr. Mister): Embark on a sonic journey with the lush, atmospheric intro and powerful lead sounds of Kyrie.
  • Rebel Yell (Billy Idol): Hit hard with the gritty synths and driving energy of this rock anthem.
  • (Together In) Electric Dreams (Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey): Create an electrifying atmosphere with the optimistic and futuristic sounds of this duet.
  • When It’s Love (Van Halen): Stir emotions with the rich, warm pads and heartfelt melodies of this power ballad.
  • Where The Streets Have No Name (U2): Recreate the expansive, edge-driven soundscapes of this iconic track.
  • We Built This City (Starship): End on a high note with the anthemic energy and catchy melodies of this pop-rock classic.


Designed for Performance

Each sound and setup in the Fantom EX 80s Covers Soundpack is optimized for live performance, offering seamless integration and ease of use. From intimate gigs to large-scale concerts, this sound pack ensures that you deliver an authentic and memorable 80s experience.


Join the 80s Revival

The Fantom EX 80s Covers Soundpack is more than just a collection of sounds; it's your ticket to reviving the spirit of the 80s on stage. Whether you're a cover band dedicated to this iconic era, a solo performer, or a producer looking to inject authentic 80s vibes into your tracks, this sound pack is an indispensable tool for achieving genuine and impactful 80s soundscapes.


Before diving into the 80s Covers Soundpack, make sure these expansion sets are installed in your Fantom EX from Roland Cloud.

SNAP001 Supernatural Piano
SN002 Supernatural Electric Piano
EXZ005 Studio Sounds
EXZ008 Vintage Keys
Jupiter Model Expansion
Juno 106 Model Expansion
JX8P Model Expansion




This product is NOT COMPATIBLE with the standard Fantom operating system, Fantom-0 series, any Fantom models released before 2019, FA Series keyboards, Zenology, or any other software or hardware keyboard. Please note, in accordance with our refund policy, purchases made in error for incompatible products are not eligible for refunds. Ensure compatibility before purchase to avoid any issues.


Links to the file will be sent immediately upon purchase.


*Prices quoted on this website are in US Dollars


*Please note that this digital product is non-refundable and all sales are considered final once the download process has been completed.


*Kindly review the product description and system requirements carefully before making your purchase, as refunds cannot be provided for this digital product.

Fantom EX 80s Covers

Sales Tax Included
  • Requires Fantom EX OS version 1 or above. Compatible with Fantom6, Fantom7, Fantom8 with the EX Upgrade software pre-installed.

    FFC SAMPLES 1-54.svz Samples must be loaded to the first 54 Sample Slots. Requires 69MB of keyboard sampling memory.

  • All products and services offered on this website are quoted in US Dollars

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