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Narf's Favorite Covers Set 1+2+3 combines 3 Live Sets and over 120 Performances for the Yamaha Montage and the MODX. These have been programmed with the gigging keyboardist in mind for an authentic sounding performance of popular songs played by cover bands today. Setups are designed to make switching between sounds quick and easy and instruments are zoned to be effortlessly accessed by the player. Extensive use of scenes for layered and split keyboard zones has been used to optimise a single keyboard stage setup whether you have a 61,76 or 88 key Montage or MODX. These also include single part performances and wave data used to construct the main performances in the inluded Live Set page. View photos to see the Live Set Pages. Click Favorite Covers SONGLIST to view included songs and links to individual video demos. The pack is a digital download, you will receive a download link upon purchase.

This requires your Montage to be updated to OS Version 2.5.

*Prices quoted are in US Dollars

Narf's Montage MODX Favorite Covers Set 1+2+3

  • Included downloadable files:


    Narf's Favorite 123.X7L  Montage MODX Library File

    Loading Instructions.TXT

    Songlist and Performance notes.PDF