Sounds for the Roland Fantom to perform Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.

This makes use of 4 Key Groups.

Pad 1- Intro Synths key split

Pad 2- Chorus

Pad 3- Verse and Refrain Synths

Pad 4- Chorus with Rise Synth

Mod Wheel/Joystick +Y=Cutoff Frequency for Verse Synth

Motional Pad mixes Chorus Pads


Blinding Lights DEMO VIDEO


This Scene is also included in the Famous Covers Set 1 sound library.


NOT COMPATIBLE with Fantom models produced before 2019. Requires Fantom OS 1.6 or above. Compatible with Fantom6, Fantom7, Fantom8 2019.


*Prices quoted in US Dollars

Fantom Famous Covers Blinding Lights